Top 3 Latest Facebook Updates 2017
by adminon 4 Aug 2017

Facebook is continuously trying to bring new updates to its users for a better experience and let advertisers gain more benefits from it. Recently, Facebook has rolled out some really interesting and useful updates. Here are the top 3 latest Facebook updates for 2017. Check them out below: 1. Facebook Has Come Up With Video-Format […]

Pay Per Click Metrics That Matter – Why You Need To Look Beyond The Top Metrics
by adminon 28 Jul 2017

Paid media platforms such as Google, Facebook & Bing offer an exceptional way to reach to your targeted audience. Using those platforms, one can not only create brand awareness but can also generate qualified leads and get conversions. Finding pay per click metrics that matter is a challenge, so read on to improve your PPC […]

Start Optimizing Your Website For Voice Search
by adminon 20 Jul 2017

  Voice search is picking up the pace quickly. Google reported that more than 20% of the searches are already being performed via voice search. And due to the increasing number of Internet of things, experts are predicting that the number might go up to 50% by 2020. Well, the prediction might seem a bit […]

by adminon 5 Jul 2017

When it comes to ads, relevance plays a vital role. Google has provided many tools that help advertisers ensure that they are targeting the right people. They just have to evaluate the quality score & it’s components. Recently Google has launched seven new quality score reporting columns. The biggest highlight is that advertisers will now […]

Search With Your Camera With Google Lens
by adminon 26 Jun 2017

Google is big, like really big, like civilization level big! So when a company this big introduces something, even the most apathetic person gets excited. And this year at annual I/O, They introduced a lot of cool new things, but the one that got everyone’s attention was the “Google Lens”. Although there have been several […]

Attention Travelers! Google is Testing a New Hotel Review Interface
by adminon 22 Jun 2017

When it comes to traveling, pre-planning can make all the difference. Most important of them all is booking a good hotel. It really takes a lot of efforts to find a good hotel within your budget. Google is planning to make it a bit easy. Google is planning to roll out a new Hotel Review […]

Large Scale Article Link Building is Now on Google’s Radar
by adminon 21 Jun 2017

Google has recently published a blog stating that those who are leveraging guest post as a link building technique should reconsider their strategy. They are specifically focusing on the spammy links, that are tagged as a guest post, contributor post, partner post, etc. Below is the list of things that you should avoid according to […]

2017 Google Marketing Next Keynote Speaker Google Sridhar Ramaswamy – Tuesday May, 23 2017
by adminon 1 Jun 2017

Increase productivity, improve customer reach and simplify the user experience for your customers. Here are some key takeaways from Sridhar Ramaswamy Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce for Google. People turn to search in Critical “MICRO MOMENTS” Search is twice as likely to be used than any other online or offline source of marketing. […]

Why Customer Reviews Matter for SEO
by adminon 26 May 2017

There is no denying that reviews play a huge in customer’s purchase decision. It’s so crucial that people often overlook the good products just because it doesn’t have any review and they don’t want to take any risk. E-commerce websites, such as Amazon, provide users the option to filter the results as per average customer […]

by adminon 15 May 2017

So why are HTTPS websites important? A recent study by Moz revealed that almost 50% of the web pages occupying the first page of Google are HTTPS site pages that have an SSL site certificate. It’s a long jump since just 9 months ago, the percentage of HTTPS site that occupied the first page was […]