Page Speed Will Officially Be a Google Ranking Factor Starting July 2018
by adminon 20 Feb 2018

It’s 2018 and if your web page takes more than 10 seconds to load, then you are far behind! Nobody likes to wait for minutes just for your page to load — they will simply hit the back button. According to a study, 53% of the users will abandon the site if it takes more […]

Google Launches Beta Version of Brand New Search Console
by adminon 18 Feb 2018

Google has rolled out the beta version of the new and improved search console and SEO’s are more than happy, to say the least. The most promising new feature is the access to 16-month-old historical data. It enables year over year comparison which is great from every aspect. This allows metrics to be pulled and […]

Google Is Testing Images In Search Ads
by adminon 6 Feb 2018

It seems like Google is testing a new feature, as some users have witnessed an image from the landing page, right next to the description area of the text ad. Google spokesperson gave a generic statement regarding this — “We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users, but don’t […]

Google Has Published Guidelines on Google Assistant and Google Voice Search
by adminon 25 Jan 2018

Recently, Google published their quality guidelines mainly for Google Assistant and Voice Search Results. As per the guidelines; the better the quality voice search equals a more appropriate generated response or list of responses. Here’s what Google wrote — “In the past we have received requests to see our evaluation guidelines from academics who are […]

Google Quietly Updates Its Ranking Algorithm – The Maccabees Update
by adminon 17 Jan 2018

The Google Maccabees Update December is when every business owner out there is busy getting the biggest pie from the holiday cake. So it’s very rare that you see any buzz in SEO forums. But this time, we witnessed something different. Many people were online, sharing their experiences. Just like an unexpected tornado caught them […]

by adminon 9 Jan 2018

The holiday season has passed but PPC can still be a great tool for marketing your business online. Here are some tips to help you save money on your PPC Campaign. Some advice that will help you avoid making beginner SEO mistakes. Neglecting your daily spend Recently Google has allowed the advertisers to go over […]

Google Home Services is Now Google Local Services
by adminon 18 Dec 2017

Google Home Services has been rebranded as Google Local Services and expanded to 17 states. Google has re-branded it for a reason — they are now including businesses that do not come under the “home services” like auto repairs & dentists. They are actively expanding it to other states and adding new categories. People have […]

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Creating a Responsive Website
by adminon 11 Dec 2017

Mobile usage has escalated enormously in the past few years. It has surpassed desktop searches in 2015 and is still growing. And it’s not just mobile, people are accessing the web via Tablets, Netbooks and even smart TVs. Overall it’s safe to say that the way people accessed the web has changed completely. But it […]

Your Customers Can Now Book Appointments Directly From Google Search Results
by adminon 14 Nov 2017

Google rolled out it’s “booking feature” for selected businesses back in December 2016. Back then, it was only available for only spa and salon owners, and in selected cities. But now they have expanded it and more business owners can now allow their customers to book appointments directly from the search result. Here’s the official […]

How Google Local Search Works – Google Will Now Show Search Results Based on the Google Users Location Instead of the Domain Name
by adminon 13 Nov 2017

Google’s paramount goal is to provide the users with most relevant search results. Today 1 in 5 searches on Google is related to location, so providing locally relevant search results is of utmost priority. Google is changing how Google local search works. Till now the country of service was indicated by the country code top-level […]