by adminon 17 Oct 2017

YouTube, has introduced a Breaking News section on its homepage, it shows a collection of videos pertaining worldwide news and events. The feature appears on both mobile, as well as desktop devices. The Barcelona attack being the very recent major incident happened across the world, the Breaking News section was showing videos related to it. […]

You Can Now Add Videos To Local Listings In Google Maps
by adminon 17 Oct 2017

You can now add videos to local listings in the Google Maps using any Android device. Google is rolling it out slowly, so you might or might not see it right away. This feature is not only good for the business owners but the users as well. Because pictures tell an altogether different story while video […]

Google’s Q&A for Local Search Could Be The Next Big Thing
by adminon 5 Oct 2017

Google started rolling out Questions and Answers (Q&A) feature for local search in the beginning of August. As with all the testing, it was initially available, exclusively for Android users via the Google Maps App, but eventually, they made it available to everyone searching from a mobile device using either Safari or Chrome browsers. Google’s […]

Now You Can Add Quick Links To Local Listings
by adminon 27 Sep 2017

You can now add quick links to your local results, thanks to Google My Business’s latest update! They have recently announced that local business owners will now be able to add quick links to their local listings. Currently, it is visible only to select categories of businesses But those who will be able to enjoy […]

Expand Your Reach with New Linked In Feature “What People Are Talking About”
by adminon 28 Aug 2017

LinkedIn’s got a new extensive update to its feature-news feed. It now allows users to expand their reach and influence on the platform. You can see a box appearing on the right-hand side of your page that says “What People Are Talking About” and some trending and breaking news stories. The stories that appear here […]

Google’s New Local Search Filters
by adminon 21 Aug 2017

Google’s New Local Search Filters Are Shaking Things Up! In a Good Way. Google’s paramount goal is to provide its users with the best possible search experience and they leave no stone unturned to ensure that. In early 2017, Google introduced local search filters that allowed the users to sort results based on price, ratings […]

Top 3 Latest Facebook Updates 2017
by adminon 4 Aug 2017

Facebook is continuously trying to bring new updates to its users for a better experience and let advertisers gain more benefits from it. Recently, Facebook has rolled out some really interesting and useful updates. Here are the top 3 latest Facebook updates for 2017. Check them out below: 1. Facebook Has Come Up With Video-Format […]

Pay Per Click Metrics That Matter – Why You Need To Look Beyond The Top Metrics
by adminon 28 Jul 2017

Paid media platforms such as Google, Facebook & Bing offer an exceptional way to reach to your targeted audience. Using those platforms, one can not only create brand awareness but can also generate qualified leads and get conversions. Finding pay per click metrics that matter is a challenge, so read on to improve your PPC […]

Start Optimizing Your Website For Voice Search
by adminon 20 Jul 2017

  Voice search is picking up the pace quickly. Google reported that more than 20% of the searches are already being performed via voice search. And due to the increasing number of Internet of things, experts are predicting that the number might go up to 50% by 2020. Well, the prediction might seem a bit […]

by adminon 5 Jul 2017

When it comes to ads, relevance plays a vital role. Google has provided many tools that help advertisers ensure that they are targeting the right people. They just have to evaluate the quality score & it’s components. Recently Google has launched seven new quality score reporting columns. The biggest highlight is that advertisers will now […]